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Why Choose Us?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should hire Brevard Concrete Paving, Inc. as your local Brevard County, Florida concrete company for your next concrete project:

Customer Service

It begins with our initial site assessment and free estimate while continuing throughout project completion. We carefully communicate to you each step of the construction project. This allows our customers to address any concerns upfront and to make sure their needs are met. Our thorough, accurate and free estimates are designed to help you know all of your cost upfront.


Brevard Concrete Paving employs the best concrete craftsmen and skilled craft workers ensuring that each phase of the project is handled with expertise. Our size, our manpower and our utilization of the right equipment means you get the best on time and on budget.


We build our work right the 1st time. Our commitment to quality begins in our pre-construction phase. This is when our team reviews plans, generates a project specific work-plan and communicates this plan to everyone involved. Brevard Concrete Paving is passionate about providing you the very best on every job, Big and Small.

Extreme Housekeeping

Our philosophy is the only way to build work safely and efficiently is to clean as we go. Throughout each project our crews keep the work area clean and organized.