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Go Green… Go Concrete

Concrete is the #1 construction material in the world with nearly 3,000 tons used annually for each man, woman and child. Twice as much concrete is used around the world than the total of all other building materials combined including wood, steel, plastic and aluminum. The great thing about concrete besides it long lasting durability, performance and price is that it has a small carbon footprint. CO2 emissions from concrete and cement production is relatively small compared to other building materials.

The ingredients of concrete which are cement, aggregates, admixtures and water typically come from local cement facilities and aggregate suppliers. This means that the transporting emissions footprint of concrete to be much lower than many other building materials that are shipped internationally.

Also the rebar, steel and wire mesh that is used to reinforce concrete is manufactured from old junk cars and recycled metals which are benefits the earth as well. The typically life expectancy of concrete is 50 years. When it is finally time to recycle concrete it is simply crushed into small aggregates where it is used again as base materials and in some circumstance used to make concrete again.

So please remember the great environmental benefits that the use of Concrete provides compared to other construction materials such as asphalt which is a petroleum based product.